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Here's an MXR M69 Prime Distortion pedal in excellent condition.


MXR is thrilled to introduce the M69 Prime Distortion, a 100 percent analog distortion pedal that conjures up the vintage hard-clipping tones of the '80s. This pedal's warm yet aggressive sound is easily dialed in with classic Output, Tone and Distortion controls. The Prime Distortion is highly responsive to pick attack, cleaning up when you roll back and unleashing a huge punch when you dig in. MXR designed this pedal with low-noise operational amplifiers so you get rich, saturated distortion without the extra noise. Like all MXR pedals, the Prime Distortion is built for a lifetime on the road with a heavy-duty housing and durable jacks and switches.

Vintage Hard-Clipping Distortion

The M69 Prime Distortion summons up the hard-clipping distortion tones that dominated '80s rock. This pedal produces raw, punchy distortion that sustains for days, perfect for arena rock leads and chugging power chords. The Distortion control provides over 25dB of gain to take you from a hint of grit to fully saturated distortion.

Highly Responsive Tone Controls

The M69 Prime Distortion's Tone and Output controls are highly responsive, allowing you to shape your distortion tone with precision. The Tone control offers up to 9dB of boost or cut at 100Hz and 2kHz, allowing you to dial in just the right amount of low end rumble and high end sizzle. The Output control provides up to 10dB of boost to push your amp into overdrive or cut to reduce overall volume without changing distortion amount.

Built for the Road

Like all MXR pedals, the M69 Prime Distortion is built to handle the rigors of the road. It features a heavy-duty aluminum housing, durable jacks and footswitches and high-quality components selected for their roadworthiness. Powered by a 9V battery or optional power supply, this pedal provides consistent tone night after night.


Ships from Athens, Georgia.

MXR M69 Prime Distortion

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