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Here we have a Maestro Echoplex Ep-4 in fully functional, very good condition. With a 2-band EQ, input-level control and a simple slide-pin for adjusting the length of the echo you can achieve a wide array of delay sounds. From a dark, slap to a trebly, long and self-oscillating wall-of-sound.  This version is distinguished by an LED "record input" meter on the face, and is also notable for dropping a sound-on-sound feature. It features independent Microphone and Instrument inputs, as well as two separate inputs for a footswitch (not included) labeled the Echo On/Off and Playback inputs. The Echo Delay Control is a sliding post on the top common to all versions which adjusts the length of delay on the echo. Echo Repeats and Echo Volume knobs work independently to control the intensity. The tone of the return can be altered with the Treble and Bass knobs, which is a useful feature specific to the EP-4. The covering of the box has some scruffs as shown in pictures. 

Ships from Athens, GA

Maestro Echoplex EP-4

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