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Here is an Ibanez FZ7 Fuzz Pedal in excellent condition.


Far out! A complete 60's flashback with none of the drawbacks, the FZ7 is the ultimate in psychedelic fuzz. With the FZ7's tone, drive, and level controls, it's never been easier to get the right retro tones. You can even engage the DAMAGE switch for that ratty, broken speaker sound. Yeah, baby, yeah!! Dial in, tune up, drop down or whatever turns you on.

The FZ7 produces that retro fuzz distortion, reminiscent of the 60's. The tone, level and drive control let you dial in your sound, while the "Damage" switch lets you achieve that "broken radio" sound. Flashing back to the 60's has never been easier!

  • Drive Controls the distortion level. The distortion and sustain effects will increase when turned to the right.
  • Tone The high-tone area is strengthened when turned to the right, and cut when turned to the left.
  • Level Controls the volume when the effect is on.
  • Damage Creates a tone that sounds like a broken radio
    • 0%: A retro fat fuzz sound
    • 10%: Rough-sounding fuzz
    • 100%: Broken Radio


Ships from Athens, Georgia

Ibanez FZ7 Fuzz

Excluding Sales Tax
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