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Here we have a 1980's Dunlop Jimi Hendrix - 2 Signature Fuzz pedal in very good condition. This pedal is fully functional and has some cosmetic wear as shown in the pictures. The JH-2 is the first run of the Jimi Hendrix Dunlop Fuzz Face pedal. This pedal came out before the small cased, black Dunlop effects possibly in  the early 1980s. It sounds amazing with a small hint of an octave on some upper register notes. This cleans up very well on the guitar volume knob while still retaining some slight hair on top of the chords similar to Jimi’s chording on many famous songs. This pedal requires a 9 volt power supply (not included).


Ships from Athens, GA.

Dunlop JH-2

Excluding Sales Tax