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The DigiTech Screamin Blues distortion guitar effect pedal was designed to honor this by achieving a wide array of guitar effects while giving the player the power to control every detail. Designed for more dynamic electric guitar players, this stomp box has a high and low tone mixer to control the feel. Strumming electric guitars lightly with low overdrive can add a subtle harmonics quality while cranking the overdrive up can add a complex, sustained tonal palette.Gain and output levels are controlled separately, unlike many pedals that use one knob, giving guitars a broader sonic range. There are two separate outputs on this device, with one being for amps and the other using Digitech's cabinet emulation.

This pedal is in good condition, a previous owner attached Velcro to the bottom of the pedal, shown in the photos above.

Ships from Athens, GA. Does not include a power supply

DigiTech Screamin' Blues

Excluding Sales Tax
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