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Here's a Danelectro Daddy O Overdrive pedal in excellent condition.


Unleash the power of your guitar with the Danelectro DO-1 Daddy O, a standout in the world of overdrive pedals. Known for its exceptional versatility and affordability, this pedal offers a distinct and beautiful tone that is hard to resist. Equipped with a three-band EQ, it gives you full control over your sound, allowing you to dial in your preferred settings with ease. With its robust overdrive and volume controls, the Daddy O provides an accessible pathway to the coveted Guv'nor tone, making it an essential addition to any guitarist's gear collection.


Key Features:

  • Overdrive Effects Pedal
  • Three-Band EQ
  • Overdrive and Volume Controls
  • Accessible pathway to Guv'nor tone
  • Exceptional versatility and affordability


Ships from Athens, Georgia.

Danelectro Daddy O Overdrive

Excluding Sales Tax
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