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Up for grabs is a vintage gem, the Stromberg Carlson AU42 Tube PA Amp with 90 watts in excellent condition. Crafted with sturdy construction and quality components, this amp is a testament to the golden age of tube electronics. Its originally for public address systems, but its inherent design and tube-driven circuitry make it an ideal candidate for conversion into a boutique guitar amp. Equipped with a pair of 6L6 power tubes and a 5y3 rectifier, this amp has the foundation for rich, warm, and dynamic guitar tones. This is an old film projector amplifier converted into a guitar amplifier. The 6L6 power tubes have been upgraded to Mesa tubes and it has a moded ohm selector switch for 4, 8, and16ohms to work with any cab. The cord has also been upgraded to a 3 prong cord. All other components are stock. The AU42's circuitry offers plenty of potential for guitar-centric modifications. The input stage can be reconfigured to handle high-impedance guitar signals, ensuring a perfect match between your instrument and the amp. With the right modifications, you can achieve a sweet spot of gain and responsiveness that will make your guitar sing.

1950's Stromberg Carlson AU42 Amplifier (Converted)

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